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Tiger Wildlife Tour

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Arrive Nagpur airport from Delhi/Mumbai by early morning. On arrival, assistance and drive to Kanha (about 260kms/07hrs), check into the hotel and relax. O/n Hotel.

Bengal  Tiger
Romanticised by Kipling in his book, Kanha National Park is among the most spectacular, protected wildlife reserves of the world. The 1,945 sq. km National Park has been compared to N'Gorongoro National Park of Tanzania. However like its African cousin, Kanha is not a volcanic crater though the surrounding hills are a result of geographically ancient volcanic activity. Above all Kanha is far greener and more densely wooded than N'Gorongoro. It is one of the largest and best monitored Parks in the subcontinent and definitely one of the best places in the world to see the critically endangered tiger in the wild.

The great sal forests of Kanha National Park, stretching across Maikal hills of Satpura range, have given birth to many jungle adventures especially the much-loved English classic by Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book. Kipling based his tale on the wildlife of Kanha in the late 19th century and thus Kanha is also known as 'Kipling Country'. The grassy plateaux, wooded hills and valleys of Kanha are home to the legendary Sher Khan the Tiger, loveable Baloo the Bear, wise Bagheera the Panther and the dreaded Rock Python Kaa. Besides them several great and small mammals, reptiles and birds inhabit the Park including the largest ox in the world - the Gaur.

The National Park is particularly notable, besides the tiger, for a 300lb, brown, large-antlered, hard-hoofed deer because of which the foundation of conservation and protection was laid in the Maikal hills. Even more zealously protected in Kanha is the southern or Central Indian race of the Swamp Deer - the Hard-ground or the Branderi Barasingha.

Birdlife of the region is equally astounding and more than 350 avian species have been recorded here with the possibility of sighting yet new races, thus giving the avid birdwatcher great scope for new discoveries. Mynas, Bush Chats, Kingfishers, Treepies, Orioles, Lapwings, Falcons, Kites, Owls, Vultures and various other species of our flying friends will provide unlimited hours of pleasure to those who choose to seek them.

Afternoon explore the Kanha National Park by jeep safari with naturalist guide.

Morning and afternoon explore the National Park with naturalist guide. Rest of the day visit to local villages at Kanha National Park, after lunch to visit Tribal Villages, peoples generally are quite welcoming. It is amazing to see how the people depend on these jungles and live completely harmony with the wildlife of this Kipling Country. O/n Jungle Resort.

Morning and afternoon gameviewing in the park with naturalist. O/n Jungle Resort.

Morning explore the park with naturalist. Proceed to Bandhavgarh (about 245kms/07hrs), through the lovely countryside to Bandhavgarh National Park. Upon arrival, check into the hotel. Rest of the day free to relax. O/n Jungle Resort.

Bandhavgarh is truly one of India's magnificent wildernesses with a relative abundance of tigers and an imposing Fort a top a plateau which dates back to 300 AD. However its true claim to international fame is the discovery of white tigers by the Maharaja of the princely state of Rewa, in 1951. Unfortunately white tigers are not found in the wild state anymore and survive only in the various zoos around the world. The progeny of the white tigers captured by the Maharaja can be seen at the National Zoological Garden in New Delhi.

 Wildlife Tiger Safari TourThe Park covers an area of around 448km2 and although the National Park was constituted in 1968, this area has been a centre of human activity and settlement for over 2000 years. Legend has it that the fort at Bandhavgarh which lends its name to the National Park and literally translated means "Brother's Fort" (Bandhav = brother; Garh = fort), was given to Lakshman by his brother Lord Rama, hero of epic Ramayana, to keep watch over Lanka, ruled by the demon king Ravana. At one time around 10th-14th century AD, this region was ruled by the Chandela dynasty, which built the famous temples of Khajuraho.

Presence of adequate water-bodies, grasslands and dense forests make Bandhavgarh an ideal habitat for the animal life of the region. 25 varieties of mammals inhabit the jungles of Bandhavgarh and Nilgai, Chowsingha, Chinkara, Wild Boar, Jackal, Wild Dog, Fox, Porcupine, Ratel and three species of deer - Chital, Sambar and Barasingha - may be seen in the Park, along with the Leopard and the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Nearly 250 species of birds have been spotted inside the Park which include Hornbills, Leafbirds, Woodshrikes, Drongos, Fantails, Bee-eaters, Parakeets and Flycatchers, to name a few. As the Park is relatively new this checklist is not exhaustive and keen birdwatchers have ample scope of discovering more birds and adding to the current list.

Morning and afternoon explore the National Park by jeep with naturalist. O/n Jungle Resort.

Morning and afternoon explore the National Park by jeep with naturalist. Lateron drive to Satna (about 170kms/04hrs) to board your express train.

Board your train at 00.10hrs. Arrive Nagpur at 13.25hrs, transfer to suggested place in the city (under your own arrangements)

Early morning pick up and transfer to Nagpur to board flight to Mumbai / Delhi.

All tours are customizable and can be extended as per requirements
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