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Majuro, the capital of the Marshalls, is a long finger of islands joined by a se¬ries of causeways that enclose the south side of the lagoon. Its most promi¬nent point is only four metres above sea level and its tree-lined beaches and se¬ductive reefs make Majuro a beautiful place to start your Marshalls adventure.

The closest atoll to Majuro is Arno which, when it first comes into view, is like a vision from another world — palm-lined beaches slowly sinking into crys¬tal blue seas. Water clarity is excep¬tional here. There's little runoff from this low, undeveloped island, and this has allowed the corals to grow and achieve stunning beauty. One spot known as Silver & White, is an undersea garden with large stretches of rippled white sand and coral heads surrounded by dancing basslets in colours of gold and hot pink. Sea anemones dot the area. Arno is a good site for all levels of diver, but what makes it so special is that few people have heard of it.

Bikini Atoll is notorious as being the site of many atomic tests between 1946 and 1958, and it was only recently that it was finally cleared for habitation and tourism. The ships sunk in these tests were first ex¬plored only five years ago. They are deep, and many, like the aircraft carrier Saratoga, are historic. However, the bill for a week's diving in this remote location is not for the faint of heart.

Jaluit Atoll also offers unique diving. It has a small resort with a few concrete bun¬galows and can be reached by aeroplane. In the atoll you'll find a Japanese ship¬wreck, a seaplane and lots of marine life.

Marshall Dive Adventures (MDA) can put together hotel packages for you and there is a new Outrigger Hotel on the island as well as the mainstay Robert Reimers Ho¬tel near the dive shop.

The inner lagoon offers rich coral growth in the passes and some military dumpsites that feature blond War II vintage vehicles. The southern tip of the island attracts big sharks – sometimes lots of them — along with tuna and barracuda. For those who don't mind roughing it the outer atolls are just opening MDA offers trip to the atolls of Jaluit, Bikini and Arno.

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