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Just across the channel from Bali, and by the soaring 3700m mass of Rinjani, is the island of Lombok. tourist brochures will tell you this way it used to be before the tour aimed, through tourist brochures will tell you this is a Bali the way it used to be before the tourist arrived, the island is not much like Bali in either culture or environment.

Lombok is best known in the surfing world as the home of a break called Desert Point another to add to that list of world-class Indonesian lefts. The point is down on the extreme southwest of the island, sticking right out into the sea and ideally positioned to get the full strength of the southerly swells. There's no doubt that it's an amazing wave, forming up fast then accelerating and getting bigger and deeper as it roars down the reef. If you can handle it it's one of the best tube rides you'll ever have, and there's a group of die-hard fans who hang out in the nearby village for weeks on end waiting for the magic days when it really fires up. The problem is that it's quite a fickle wave, and doesn't work with the consistency of some of the other famous breaks.

For Lombok's real Surf City, head south to Kuta Beach. Perhaps appropriately, this place really is a bit like the Bali surf scene of twenty years ago. It's uncrowded and hassle free, very user friendly, cheap and there seem to be plenty of waves for everyone. The best thing to do is get your­self mobile and go exploring all along the coast here. The scenery is magnificent there’s very little settlement and there are great small waves mainly beach breaks and point breaks all over the place. Try Mawun, Silung Belanak, Mawi, Belongas bay and the Ekas. Because of differing climatic conditions, south Lombok is also good in the rainy season November to April when most of Bali is blown out.

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