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Roma Caput Mundo - Rome on top of the world, for centuries this Latin expression perfectly represented the state of the Eternal city, capital of an immense empire, centre of religion and political thought. Today tourists, who walk its streets find the magnificence of this glorious past, passing ancient ruins, theatres and a constellation of churches.

Rome is utterly unique, there is more to see here than in any other city in the world. The celebrated classic features include the colosseum, the Palantine Hill, and the state within a city, the Vatican. Its impossible to see everything in one visit so we won't try – here are some things we think you can't miss.

5 things not to miss :

1 Colosseum - the biggest amphitheatre in the city in which one could attend the gladiatorial battles against ferocious animals. It was begun around 72 AD by the Emperor Vespasian. When complete up to 70,000 people could enter within a matter of minutes, invitations were issued on strict social status, so the rich got the best seats, down to the poorest members of society who had to make do with standing areas.

Trevi Fountain Rome
2 Fountains - Rome has many famous fountains, of these the Trevi is the best-known. Built in Baroque style, its size is the first thing that strikes you. Its quite modern by Rome's standards, work didn't begin until 1732. The water comes from the same source as the Barcaccia fountain in Piazza di Spagna. You won't get the chance to feel the water on your skin but you will have numerous chances to buy posters of Anita Ekberg's famous dip in the classic Italian film, La Dolce Vita.

3 Vatican - St. Peter's Square and Basilica, centre of Catholicism, home of the Pope, the smallest nation in the world, there is so much to say about the Vatican but only a visit will really say it all. Despite its sovereign status you will never know that you have left Rome and entered the Vatican, there is no boundary or restrictions. The Vatican museum and St Peter's are open to visitors all year round although if you intend visiting at times of special Catholic celebration you should check in advance. To enter St Peter's you need to be dressed accordingly, so no bare knees or shoulders.

4 Spanish Steps – The only thing remotely Spanish about the steps is the fact that they lead down to the Spanish Embassy. At the top is the Trinita dei Monti, a 16 th century church, with great views over Rome. The steps lead down to a fountain and it's perhaps the most common place in Rome for people just to hang out and take in the atmosphere that surrounds this area of central Rome.

5 Palantine Hill – Said to be the place where Rome was founded, a pleasant place to escape the rigours of the city below. Coming directly up from the Forum, which you are recommended to visit on the way up, you come across the Domus Flavia, once the most splendid address in Rome, now ruined but the outline of its wonder are clearly distinguishable. Move on to Farnese Gardens among the earliest Botanical gardens in Europe and a great place for panoramic views over the city.

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