Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett National Park


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Corbett Tiger Reserve

The Corbett Hideaway is concealed in the thick of a mango grove, where in season, the mangoes hang ripe and luscious right against your door! Exotic mixed shrubbery, alive with flowers, is crossed by pebbled paths lead to charming cottages with sit outs. The wonderful stillness is broken only by the sound of the Kosi River and myriad birds. The cottages, blessed with every luxury you could need here, are a great hideout for nature enthusiasts, researchers, writers, artists and folks in need of getting away. There is space aplenty


The sprawling swimming pool is incredibly blue. The high ceiling Gurney House gives elegant shelter for lounging or indulgent dining. The erratic lawns turn and rise into surprising landscapes, with a view of the river. The library, an open deck, invites you to re-read Corbett's Man Eaters of Kumaon.

Location: 270 km from Delhi in village Garjia, Kumaon district of Uttar Pradesh.
Conveniently located between Amdanda & Dhikala gate, with Dhikala gate is closer from the resort.5 km from Corbett Park.


The conservation efforts of Corbett Hideaway began with the construction of the Resort - not a single mango tree was felled to accommodate the construction of extensive facilities! So today you have 176 fruit bearing trees, yielding much sweetness in the summer...

Conservation is an ongoing programme. We give all the support we can.
Nature walks and talks l
Special facilities for researchers and film crews l
Community involvement l
Friends of Corbett award l

Special facilities and assistance
The Corbett Hideaway has hosted multitudes of researchers and film crews. We consider this a most special privilege. For this category of visitor, Corbett Hideaway is very generous with assistance In house naturalist and assistants provide invaluable support and grass roots information, Meetings with Forest Reserve Department are arranged on request Interaction with local people is facilitated Special care is taken to organize equipment or material like film rolls Transport arrangements of film crews large or small can be made with prior information Camping equipment and attendant crew to cook and carry can be organized.

The Corbett Community
The people who live around the park form a fairly close community. Most of them are local Kumaoni villagers who have lived here for generations. They have seen the park - and tourism - develop. Interestingly, many of them also understand that unbridled tourism can destroy the very reason for tourism. The need is ecotourism. This heightened awareness is the result of initiatives taken by the Forest Reserve department with help from the naturalists and guides of Corbett Hideaway and other like minded people. Activities include nature clubs for schoolchildren, nature walks, slide shows, informal talks on conservation, anti-poaching laws, herbs, etc

The Corbett Park
A conservationist's heritage

Corbett is a wonderful lesson in biodiversity. You see the world, as it ought to have been.

Morning mists over the river
Azure skies with lazy clouds
dappled sunlight
sharp scents

It is as though time has stood still in the last hundred years. The tiger yawns and stretches near the
River after a hearty meal. Herds of beautiful spotted deer graze close by, knowing they are safe for several hours. The otters tease the tiger from afar. The crocodile ignores the otters, since he fancies only fish. The swift, mighty mahaseer however, at 50lbs, is more than a match for the crocodile. In the tall grass, one of the last few hog deer on earth eats the tender shoots of grass, disturbing the golden oriole that has just laid 3 perfect eggs in her nest by the riverbank.

The great indoors... and splendid outdoors!
Have a wonderful time...

The burnt red of the cottages forms a restful backdrop to verdant environs. Sloping tiled roofs, cool stone floors with throw rugs, block wood furniture and other details allow maximum comfort while continuing the illusion of being in the wilds. The accent is clearly on nature. The 40 guest rooms have a clever area separation, for sleeping and for living, as in a suite. You get a sense of miles of extra space. Double-roomed suites are available for groups and families. All the rooms are air conditioned with hot water in baths, and a refrigerator full of cooling drinks.

Apart from a hundred and seventy six mango trees, you can see at the Hideaway a bountiful jackfruit tree near the reception, variegated bamboo including sacrum, bushes of hibiscus, rainflower, gandharaja, ticoma, raat ki rani and haemilia, azalea aplenty, and guava trees, which yield fruit three times a year!

The grounds are meant for meandering, loitering, meditating and playing...

Swimming pool with its languid blue waters, very therapeutic after a rigorous safari. The poolside bar lets you beer as you float. Even greater relaxation techniques are available close by - massage therapy by trained masseurs. By the time you've worked up a wild appetite, your sense of smell will lead you to the Gol Ghar, the thatched outdoor restaurant which lays out magnificent breakfasts, lunches and dinners. (The nights are generally wilder, with bonfires, entertainment and bonhomie.)

The 20 feet high Gurney House named after the house Jim Corbett lived in for many years, gives you the
civilised world.

The resort serves excellent continental food and Indian cuisine. And a great variety of it all! The specialities of the Kumaoni region are a favourite feature on the menu. The emphasis is on freshness of produce. (Remember to ask for minestrone soup, which is a wee bit spicy but lipsmacking. And the chicken kakori kababs that give your palate exciting information on gourmet cooking!)

Billiards, where potting the red might come easier than capturing a tiger with a lens. Lounging, on sofas, while dreaming of the big cat. Dining, rather lavishly, on freshly cooked exotica, continental and Indian flavors. Or sitting on the deck, and listening to the Kosi. Clinking glasses filled with amber.

Listening raptly to the slide show of the Corbett Hideaway Chief Naturalist in the meeting hall. References about tigers, elephants and birds are available right down the path at the library, a free and easy place where you can sip a cuppa and browse.

Charming souvenirs and memorabilia are for the picking at The Nature Shop, which also stocks herbal
Cosmetics and fascinating local crafts.

Special Programmes are organized by the Hideaway on request:
Theme dinners and banquets l
Kumaoni dance performances with musicians' l
Group excursions to other tourist spots like Nainital and Bhimtall
Film shows l

All tours are customizable and can be extended as per requirements
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