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(Once the residence of Maharaja of Tehri – Garhwal, ANANDA in the Himalayas is dedicated to today’ traveler, who comes here to recharge his fitness, physical and mental agility. An Indian journey invites you to experience luxury in the lap of nature.

Located just 260 kilometers north of New Delhi, Ananda is easily accessible by road, rail and air. A 45-minute flight to Jolly Grant Airport, a 4-hour train journey from Delhi to Haridwar station and a scenic 8-9 hrs drive from New Delhi to Ananda are the various travel options.

When it comes to facilities the properties include guest residence, the Vice Regal Palace and Restaurants. It has a fine medley of 70 deluxe rooms, 5 suites and 3 new villas all with panoramic views of either the city of Rishikesh, the Ganges Valley or the Palace.

In contemporary times, an effort is on to make judicious use of time to combat stress or wage an anti microsoft campaign. And perhaps a visit to a sylvan spa, Ananda in the Himalayas, would help us come closer to nature and lease in a whiff of fresh air and constructive living. Located in a sprawling area, the 21,000 sq-ft spa offers an extensive collection of over 79 body and beauty treatments and closely interweaves the concept of age-old holistic living and contemporary spa approach.

While both the methods bring in a synchronisation of various energies, the Spa strives to achieve the ultimate harmony between the physical and the mental realms of the individual.

The treatments comprise. Ayurveda, yoga and combination therapies. For the uninitiated, a visit here enables the tired business traveller and corporate honcho to help achieve health goals, manage stress, detoxify, cleanse and lose weight as well as other personal goals after a detailed consultation.

Panchakarma is a programme that takes minimum 14 days and is a fivefold purification therapy that aims at correcting the imbalance of the body’s bio-energies (the Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in order to maintain their inherent equilibrium. Putting off all doubts at rest, the clusters of five cleansing procedures, or Shodhanakarmas, comprise emesis (therapeutic vomiting), laxatives, enemas, nasal cleansing and blood purification.

Abhyanga is a synchronised whole body massage performed by two therapists using specific herbal oil selected according to the body type and Udwarthana is a typical deep and dry massage using herbal powders. Choornaswedan relieves neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis and sports injuries and Njavarakizhi consists of a massage to the body with small linen bags filled with cooked Njavara rice after a liberal application of medicated oil over the whole body and Pizhichil therapy is a beautiful combination of two classical Ayurvedic treatments, Snehana (Oleation) and Swedana (Sudation).

Sirodhara is a therapy wherein lukewarm herbal oil is poured in a continuous stream onto the forehead and rejuvenates and revitalises the body and mind. This therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, slows the aging process, improves memory and is known to have a curative effect for paralysis and other neurological malfunctions.

The Yoga section of Ananda Spa is known by the name of Ananda Yoga and it utilises the three vital branches of Yoga: Hatha, Kriya and Raja, thereby enhancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities of the guests.

Fitness segments also include assessment of fitness levels and allow fitness specialists to evaluate aerobic capacity, body composition, blood pressure, flexibility, muscle endurance and strength in order to customise an exercise programmed for lifestyles. Some of the outdoor sports include squash, swimming, walking, jogging, hiking and golf.

Talking of food and gourmet, a typical Ananda Rejuvenation Cuisine follows a guideline of Whole grain and other high-fibre carbohydrates as the essence of a spa meal.

The wellness retreats have a configuration of special workshops and private sessions with visiting masters in different areas of wellbeing. These teachers, therapists, healers, ayurvedic doctors and guides visit from around the world to share their talents and gifts with those who choose to explore and understand the deeper realms of holistic well being for the body, mind and spirit.

And if you thought that your hyperactive child would feel bored, chances are that the outdoor adventure activities here would mesmerise him and thrilling explorations into the Himalayas, Ganges and surrounding National Parks would mesmerise him more as he explores the unbridled wilderness through wind, water and trekking encounters.

Awards and accolades are not new for Ananda - In the Himalayas. It has been voted the ‘Best Overseas Spa Retreat’ with a score rating of 98.62 and the ‘World’s Number 1 Spa’ at the Conde Nast Traveller Readers Spa Awards - 2005, 2006 and 2007.

And since we live in an era of good things bright and beautiful and good times, its time you took a trip to see Ananda.

Be a part of a Safari into Rajaji National Park, Corbett National Park or Chills Sanctuary to see the big cats, tigers, leopards, panthers, elephants, bears and wild boars. Seize the opportunity to sight a reptile peculiar to Ganges waters, the long-snouted, fish-eating crocodile, the Gharial.

You could visit Rishikesh which is one of the best-located pilgrimage centres along the bank of the river Gangs.

Go on an angling trip and typically the angling starts with an early morning session from the campsite followed by breakfast and then another angling session till lunch.

Scuttle the surface of standing waves, row between rocks and skim riverbeds as you hone your skills to become a white water paddle cat!

Backpack through the most sacred and scenic locales known to sages and trekking gurus. Trek to Gangotri, the birthplace of Ganges and the picturesque Valley of Flowers.

All tours are customizable and can be extended as per requirements
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