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Fatehpur Sikri Tourism

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Location : 37 kms from Agra
State : Uttar Pradesh
Area : 4082 sq. km
Also Known as : City of Victory
Temperature : Max 30°C to Min 17°C
Best Time to Visit : October to March

Seat of Tan Sen, Fatehpur SikriLying close to the monumental city of Agra, Fatehpur Sikri was once the political capital of the great Mughal Empire under the leadership of Emperor Akbar. Fatehpur Sikri was developed single handedly by the monarch. It remained as the capital city for a brief period, form 1571 till1585 when finally it had to be abandoned due to shortage of water.

This deserted city of the Mughals still houses some great monumental edifices, that talk great of the artistic flavour of the Mughals. The city exemplifies the Mughal architecture at its best and even though in ruins, the city offers a great time to the visitors praising the ancient marvellous creations. The evening sun rays that fall on the ruins is a sight to behold. The city embodies the Hindu and the Muslim architecture in total amalgamation with each other and the magnificent mosque therein can be said to be a copy of the Mosque in Mecca.

If history is to believed then Akbar who was childless despite all efforts went for the blessings of saint Sheikh Salim in Fatehpur. The great Saint blessed the King and said his queen will bear fruit within three years and truly so queen Jodhabai gave birth to a son. Akbar in great pleasure and in love for the place where he met the famous godly saint built his capital in the city and changed its architecture in to something hard to believe. The large monuments speak volumes of the splendid architecture of the the Mughal era.

Major Attractions

The Diwani-i-Am or the Hall of Public Audience is the place where the king used to hear all the prayers of his men living in his kingdom. Complete at peace with himself helped by his court in taking the appropriate decisions, the Monarch despatches the petitions undisturbed by the women folks who are not permitted there. A paved called Pashisi was built for the King to play chess with his men during the idle hours.

Jodhabai's Palace, Fatehpur SikriDiwan-I-khas ,Hall of Private Audience is a small hall with double marble columns. Here the Mughal emperor used to debate on various topics of importance with noted theologians. Concealed steps lead to the Diwan-I-Aam, theHall of Public Audience. The Diwani-i-Khas housed the Ibadat Khana called the 'House of Worship'. It was from here that by taking lessons from the great scholars, Akbar got the knowledge to found the religion of Din -i - Illahi.

Jodhabai's Palace
Unique to its structure and decoration , the Jodabai palace is a great piece of architecture built by Akbar in love for his wife.

Panch Mahal
The five storied marvel is the personal citadel of emperor. It is the place where he would spend his evenings with the beautiful ladies of the harem. Placed within the Mahal is the Astrologer's seat, an ornamented pavilion where the resident astrologer played an important role in day to day court life.

Friday Mosque
Constructed in the year 1575 after laying the foundation of the great edifice in 1571, the Friday Mosque is considered the second largest Mosque in India measuring to about 168 meters by 144meters ably complemented by a well laid out inner garden. The magnificent Buland Darwaza is an addition in the latter periods and today the gateway presents the sublimity of the Mosque constructed in honour if the win over Gujarat. The gateway is 45 meters and presents an spectacular view with well inscripted calligraphy ion it. Contact for Booking Detail

Salim Chishti's Mausoleum
The great Mausoleum of Saint Salim who played a pivoted role in changing the destiny of emperor Akbar's life is built efficiently. Today parents who are childless come for the blessings of the saint to the revered place like once Akbar came for his blessings.

Marble Intarsia from AgraApart from the small things like the hand made crafts, Fatehpur is not so special and significant in terms of shopping and visitors can do the buying at Agra.

Though Fatehpur Sikri has hotels, visitors prefer to stay in the comfortable and luxurious hotels at Agra. The prominent hotels are the deluxe Jaypee hotels, Mughal Sheraton, hotel Clarks Shiraj and Agra Ashoka.The four stars include the holiday inn and the Trident hotel..

How to Get There

By Flight -
The nearest airport is situated at Agra- the Kheria airport, 40 kms far while the International airport is in Delhi.
By Train - The railway station at Fatehpur Sikri is well connected to Agra and other places of interest by Indian railways.
By Road - Coaches and luxury buses are the best to reach the historical city of Agra which is well connected by national highways to major places around.

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